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Exercise is medicine. Not only is it necessary to help reach fitness and weight loss goals, but it is also needed to strengthen your bones, immune system, cardiopulmonary system, helps to balance hormones, increase endorphins and serotonin to make us happy, and helps to prevent injury. There are so many benefits to exercise, let’s create a program for you that works with your schedule and goals!



This is one of the most important pieces to overall health. What we out in our body is a direct relationship with how our organs and systems function. This will give you a basic idea of the foods and supplements that your body needs to perform. Decreasing inflammation, increasing the guts microbiome, and understanding the importance of balanced plant based Whole Foods, will get you to your true health. 



This is one of the most important components in developing true health. The action steps given  will help you develop a positive outlook on life and help motivate you to becoming your best self. Writing your goals and vision can become a reality. Once you grow your self, certain life decisions become easier, stress becomes easier to manage, and your life purpose becomes more clear. 

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Physical * Mental * Plant Nutrition

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“Since starting my program with Stephanie, my balance is better. I have gained strength in my shoulders, arms and legs. I can lift my arms over my head which I could not do. She focuses on my weaknesses like my shoulders and knees. My core is getting stronger. I have started a weight loss program that  Stephanie recommended. I’ve  lost 10 pounds in one week!“


"Working with Stephanie has improved my quality of life immeasurably. Her knowledge of the healing properties of food as well as her fitness training abilities highly qualify her to help anyone, any age, any gender. Stephanie’s unfailing love of life and other people makes her one of the most pleasant people to work with a person can find. My immune system is better than it has ever been and my body feels clean. I love my fitness training with her so much that I can drag myself in even when I’m sure I don’t want to work out. Stephanie is intuitive and deeply invested in her clients using the right muscles to keep anyone from getting hurt. I recommend Stephanie highly and for anyone. Oh! And don’t miss her wellness seminars and retreats."

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My Background

Making it easy to workout and eat clean from anywhere!


  • HIIT (TABATA) training

  • Macrobiotics (food for healing)

  • Moringa Nutrition

  • CBD and Essential Oils

  • Bach Flower Essence Specialist

  • Plant Based Fitness

  • TRX certified, ACSM certified

  • Children’s nutrition

  • Natural Weight Loss Program

  • Corporate Wellness Program

  • I am a native Nashvillian with a love for natural and holistic health. I received my Master’s of Science in Exercise Physiology in 2008, and interned with a Macrobiotic Counselor who taught me how to guide people for true health and healing.  After working at baptist hospital in Cardiac Rehab, I took the leap and became an Independent Personal Trainer and Macrobiotic Teacher. I joined STEPS  (a local Personal Training Studio) and have continued my education on Exercise, HIIT Training, Macrobiotics, and alternative therapies with a focus on plant based nutrition, emotional release, and Bach flower remedies.  I absolutely love helping others accomplish goals they never believed were possible!

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