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Holistic Wellness Retreat - Off Grid

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Make your life yours again by experiencing the synergy of fitness, nutrition, cleansing, and relaxation, all while learning how to take it home with you and leaving the toxic habits far away.

You can choose

  • The 1 day holistic mind, body, and soul rejuvenating and elevating adventure that includes beautiful hikes in the trails of nature, water adventures, yoga, and mouth watering plant-based food.

  • The overnight stay where you will be pampered with only the most natural solutions that provide your body the detox it needs to function properly and feel alive again.  All of this while eating the freshest whole foods, fruits, vegetables, and superfoods that give your body the boost of energy and love that it deserves.  The overnight stays will be provided food, exercise, yoga, meditation, goals setting and much more.

  • Join us for our ANNUAL Off Grid retreat in the beautiful Loma Pardida, Panama. Learn more

Step into a magical retreat that will put your toes in the powder white sand and leave your face glowing from the radiant sun….

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